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Center for Studying Russian as a Foreign Language

Director of CSRFL- candidate of science Galina Mikhailovna Shemyakina


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 of International Relations

IUM Center for Studying Russian as a Foreign Language is Russia’s leading language school. It offers programs for all Russian language students. The courses are taught by experienced teachers and are designed for students from all over the world to get the most out of their stay in Russia.

Doctoral candidates of science teach, lecture and advise in the Center. Highly skilled lecturers from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Linguistic University and Pushkin Institute of Russian Language perform practical training. They are experienced in training students in universities in the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Our teachers author Russian Language manuals (L.L.Vokhmina), dictionaries (I.D.Uspenskaya), training aids (Т.А.Shmigelskaya, V.А.Supik, A.D.Gorbunov and others), syllabi and study aids in grammar, speech development, literature, and phonetics. Our teachers were first to practice the method of intensive learning by G.A.Kitaygorodskaya (a method of activating personal and group potential) as applied to teaching Russian to foreigners.

Foreign students of the Center are full members of university life. They attend lectures given by leading experts in political science, and economics, meet famous writers, and participate in all social events.  Those interested can join the drama society, the singing school, the dancing school, or the fencing school. The Center also offers a “Russian-American Club”.

Our partners include ACTR, University of California, Texas University, Washington & Jefferson College (USA), Akita International University (Japan), Zagreb School of Economics (Croatia), and University of Western Ontario (Canada).

Standard Programs

  • "Russian World" (14 and 28 weeks)
  • “Moscow without Boundaries” (16 weeks)
  • “Russian from Scratch” (2 to 28 weeks)

Summer Courses:

  • “Russian from Scratch” (2 weeks)
  • “A Date with Moscow” (4-6 weeks)
  • Individual Programs (throughout the year)

Special Programs

  • “Communicating without a Translator” (Beginner’s Russian)
  • "Remedial Course of Russian in Vocabulary and Grammar"
  • "The Language of Mass Media"
  • "Russian Language. Conversation"
  • "Russian Intonation and Pronunciation"
  • "Russian Culture: Movie, Theatre, Painting"
  • "Russian Music"
  • "Modern History of Russia"
  • "Modern Russian Politics"
  • "Business Russian"
We also offer individual programs to help foreign teachers of Russian and probationers improve language skills.
Possible periods of study: Academic Year; Fall Semester (September 01 - December 20), Spring Semester (February 1 - May 20); Summer Programs (June10 - September 1)

If you are ambitious  and self-confident and interested in Russian language, culture, and lifestyle,
we will teach you Russian and tell you about Russia!

Welcome to our Center!

Address: 17, St. Leningradsky Prospect, Moscow 125040

Тел.: +7(495)946-1083

e-mail: rki@interun.ru


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